+ Discharge Process


  • Your quick discharge after a sound recovery being the objective, highly skilled and dedicated team of personnel is at work round the clock to ensure your pleasant Inpatient stay. But your spontaneous cooperation makes their task easier ·
  • We will start processing your hospital bill once your Doctor deems you fit for discharge. On receipt of the final bill, please settle the payments due, understand the prescribed medication from the nursing staff, and collect your belongings.


  • The normal discharge time is between 09:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. Two hours of grace time is granted during the day of discharge.


    1. Cash Discharge:  1.30 hrs – 2.00 hrs

    2. TPA / Corporate Discharge: 3.00 hrs –  4.00 hrs


  1. Billing Cycle – 12 noon to 12 noon
  2. After the advance payment, as treatment progresses, it is better to go on making interim payments in consultation with the concerned people in the billing section. This updating of payments helps smooth progress of the entire procedure.
  3. Final payment has to be made at the time of discharge of patients for which the billing section will consolidate all charges for medicines/ consumables/ services available during hospitalization. The Billing Department should be allowed some reasonable time as soon as the doctor signs the order for discharge.
  4. Bills for Insured/Corporate clients are handled separately, but the ‘No Due’/ ‘Gate Pass’ / ‘Discharge Clearance’ has to be collected from Discharge Department.


1.  Check-Out Time: 12:00 Clock (Noon)

2.  Mode of Payment

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Master/Visa)
  • Debit Card (Master/Visa/ Maestro)
  • “Online Fund Transfer” (For Details Please Contact In – Charge Billing at Ground Floor)
  • PDC will not be allowed.

3.  After admission, all the financial transactions for indoor patients will be made from the Discharge desk/ cashier.

4.  Finance counseling chambers have been provided for any queries regarding cost estimate for surgeries, packages of varied treatments.

5.  The discharge desk have been provided for any queries related to bills / Interim Bills and also provision of cash  Deposit. (from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm).

6. “Visiting  Pass” which was issued at the time of admission has to be submitted to the discharge desk at the time of final settlement.

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